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Migrations available between May - July 2020.

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Corporate Focus Transition Program

January 6, 2020 -- Corporate Focus has been serving companies and law firms since 1997. At the time, it was the premier entity-management platform of its kind. Given the technological advances we have seen over the last 20 plus years, Shareworks has made the decision to sunset Corporate Focus. 

Starting in Q2 2020, we will begin actively moving customers off of Corporate Focus.

Shareworks conducted a review of the market to identify comparable entity management software and selected Athennian as the recommended Corporate Focus transition partner.

Shareworks and Athennian have jointly developed an automated data migration tool to ensure a seamless transition of your data, documents and reports from Corporate Focus to Athennian.

This webpage provides information to help you through this transition and outlines the next steps you can take toward migrating your data.

How to Start

Book your migration. Dates available between May - July 2020.

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Dates available between May - July 2020.

Dates available between May - July 2020.

Dates available between May - July 2020.


Frequently asked questions about the transition process

When do we need to start the transition process?

Migrations are being scheduled on a first come basis between May 1 and July 30.

How will our data be migrated?

Shareworks and Athennian have developed an automated data migration tool to rapidly migrate data and documents from Corporate Focus to Athennian.

Does Athennian have comparable features to Corporate Focus?

Yes. Athennian has substantially more features than Corporate Focus for entity management. For equity plan management and modelling, Shareworks is the recommended platform.

Is there a cost to transition from Corporate Focus to Athennian?

There may be a one-time fee to cover the migration. This fee would cover data migration, user training and project management.

How much does Athennian cost? 

Athennian is comparable in cost to Corporate Focus. Please schedule a Migration Call above to get an exact quote. 

What happens to our custom reports?

Athennian will work with you to create your reports in Athennian.

When do we need to start the transition process?

You must schedule your transition week as soon as possible. Migration slots are booked on first come basis. Dates available between May - July 2020.

Feature Comparison

Athennian matches and exceeds Corporate Focus capabilities


Corporate Focus

Modern cloud-based software

Full entity management database

Reports and ledger generation

Document assembly (consents, articles, etc.) 

Stock, unit, and interest management

Delivered via 


Cap table managment & modelling

Org charts and subsidiary relationships

Integrated eSignature 


Modern, easy-to-use interface

Virtual minute book

Filings tracking

Stock certificate generation

Track officers, directors & managers

Task & date reminders (reporting and annual meetings)

Support & Services 

Average support response time is 6 minutes

Professional Support

Product support from corporate paralegals with experienced working on complex matters. SLA terms available. 

Bug Reporting & Resolution

With an active engineering team, bugs and issues that you report to your support representative are resolved promptly.

Professional Services

Ask us about services for document automation setup, business process consulting, specializing training and more.

Thousands of happy customers trust Athennian

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"With unlimited seats, we've given read-only access to our entire team."

"Athennian is the next generation of corporate entity software."

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