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Upgrade From ALF To Athennian Cloud

With ALF’s recent price increases, upgrading to cloud-based, modern technology is a no-brainer. Athennian combines the entity management functions your team relies on, like document generation and e-filing, with elegant, modern features like eSignature and rapid document assembly.

And best of all, with Athennian's drag & drop ALF card import, data migration is quick and seamless. Join a demo to see why some ALF customers have already upgraded to Athennian.

Why are more and more law firms upgrading to Athennian? 

Athennian’s entity management cloud is fast, user-friendly, and more powerful than any other entity management platform on the market. Athennian automates manual processes, empowering teams to take back control of their day.

Over 2,000 Users Trust Athennian World-Wide

Jay M.

Jayne L.

Kelly R.

Manager, Corporate Services

Corporate Law Clerk


"Athennian provides the most the fantastic customer service. The team is super responsive."

"User Friendly Interface, Fast Generation of Documents, Instant PDF Generator."

"Our conversions from ALF went quite smoothly."

Key Features

Corporate E-File

File annual reports, formations and amendments in one click for some Canadian jurisdictions, all without leaving Athennian.

Modern & Cloud-Based

Modern & Cloud-Based

Athennian’s cloud is an encrypted virtual office, giving you and your team the flexibility of connecting to your law firm anywhere, any time.

Expert Paralegal Support

Expert Paralegal Support

Not only is our support team dedicated to your success - they are also expert paralegals who understand the unique challenges you face.

Get more done in less time

Get More Done In Less Time 

Save costs and increase revenue by equipping paralegals with the tools to do more in less time.

Get more done in less time

Athennian Feedback Center

Use Athennian’s built-in Feedback Center to share and vote on new features. We want your voice to be heard. 

Bring national teams together

Bring Teams Together

Increase your team’s efficiency by standardizing processes for every team, in every national office. 

Scale Your Law Firm With A Community Of Paralegals Behind You

You don’t have to go it alone. Get the most out of Athennian’s tools with our support team of expert paralegals, and a community of legal professionals just like you. 


Frequently asked questions about migrating from ALF to Athennian.

How will our data be migrated?

Data migration is an important project when switching to Athennian, and the integrity of the data demands that it gets done right. Athennian's drag & drop ALF card import allows for fast and efficient migration, helping you stay on time and on budget. 

With every migration project, Athennian’s team of data specialists work with you to define and mitigate risk, so you can move forward with confidence in your new database. 

Does Athennian have comparable features to ALF?

Athennian has every feature that ALF has, plus:

  • Fast data migration with drag & drop ALF card import
  • Client virtual minute book experiences
  • BC, AB and NWPTA forms 
  • Precedent automation coding team
  • Weekly software updates and more

Download the full feature comparison list here.

How much does Athennian cost? 

With ALF's recent price increases, upgrading to Athennian is a no-brainer. Please schedule a demo to get a quote.

How do we start the transition process?

Schedule a demo today.

This Is A Big Step

Switching entity management systems is a big step for any business, so let's talk about what's right for your team.

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